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Synxsole is endorsed & recommended by the Australian Podiatry Council.
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Synxsole is the only orthotic recommended and endorsed by the Australasian Podiatry Council.

"My husband works on his feet all day, running our small retail business. He'd come home with tight, cramp ridden calves and needed an epsom salt bath plus magnesium supplements most nights just to manage. We came across Synxsole on the Shark Tank and gave it a go. It has completely changed him! He comes home feeling great, no need for daily baths or foam rolling. I seriously wouldn't have believed such relief was possible in an inner sole had I not seen it myself. Now I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and suffering from back and hip pain. I've just put my order through - hoping to get the same results as my husband."

Vanessa of NSW wrote

"Love my Synxsole, they offer great support at a fraction of the cost of orthotics. Have spent hundreds of dollars on other orthotics and expensive orthotic shoes, all you need is a couple of pairs of Synxsole to turn your favourite shoes into supportive ones. They are comfortable and that's half the battle. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years and I find, I have no pain when I wear my Synxsole regularly."

Lisa P wrote -

"My knee problems are gone! I thought I'll have to have both knees operated but after wearing synxsole for a while all pain is gone. I have also spent hundreds on Orthotics for all sorts of different problems but then I had problems with the Orthotics (too hard, too thick, too wide, painful) but the Synxsole ones are perfect and I have them in many shoes. Totally love them!"

Gerda E wrote

"So today just proved that these really do work! My 5 year old boy would often complain of sore legs especially after an active day. He has had Synxsole's in his shoes for 10 days without a complaint of sore legs, even after his spots carnival. Today he wanted to wear his old shoes (without inserts) to school. While eating dinner he started to complain about having sore legs and has now gone to sleep with lotion on his legs and pain relief. Thank you Synxsole, your product works great for us!"

Kasey LJ wrote

“I have been wearing Synxsole insoles for 2 years and they have completely changed my life! I used to have really uncomfortable orthotics and couldn’t fit them in my shoes so I was amazed when I could start wearing Synxsole orthotics all the time. One very happy customer!”

Carol - WA

“As a fashion model I’m on my feet all day. Wearing Synxsole really helps my back and spine. I think it’s important to look after your feet and make sure you’re being supported in the right way so you don’t suffer from future problems. I love Synxsoles so much they’ve changed my life!! Thank you ladies you’re incredible women!!”

Jessica Gomes - Jessica Gomes is an International model and the Face of David Jones.

“As a professional Rugby player I need to take care of my body and do everything I can to prevent injury. Synxsole helps to reduce the stress and impact on my joints and fits comfortably in my boots, allowing my muscles to recover faster after a hard training session.”

Nathan Charles - Rugby Union Player for the Western Force.

“Wearing the Synxsole inserts allows me to train and recover at a level that means I get the most out of my sport. Whether I’m wearing them whilst training or in my day to day life they are always comfortable and reliable. My body feels great with the added support from Synxsole.”

Madonna Blyth - Captain of the Australian Hookeyroos


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