Our Ambassadors

Jessica Gomes

“As a fashion model I’m on my feet all day. Wearing Synxsole really helps my back and spine. I think it’s important to look after your feet and make sure you’re being supported in the right way so you don’t suffer from future problems. I love Synxsoles so much they’ve changed my life!! Thank you ladies you’re incredible women!!”

jessica gomesJessica Gomes is an International model and the Face of David Jones.

Nathan Charles

“As a professional Rugby player I need to take care of my body and do everything I can to prevent injury. Synxsole helps to reduce the stress and impact on my joints and fits comfortably in my boots, allowing my muscles to recover faster after a hard training session.”

Rugby Union Player for the Western Force.

Madonna Blyth

“Wearing the Synxsole inserts allows me to train and recover at a level that means I get the most out of my sport. Whether I’m wearing them whilst training or in my day to day life they are always comfortable and reliable. My body feels great with the added support from Synxsole.”

Captain of the Australian Hookeyroos

Matthew Gatzoubaros

“As a triathlete​, standard footwear soles don’t provide the support for the volume of running and cycling I do on a weekly basis. Since discovering and testing Synxsole orthotics, the stresses of training on my feet, legs and knees have dampened, allowing me to push harder and recover more quickly. Combined with an active day-to-day lifestyle, regular stretching and strength exercises, they play a crucial role in injury prevention and my overall well-being.”

Ironman Triathlete – 2016 World Championship Qualifier

Rocky Elsom

“Every knee, hip, ankle and lumbar spine has a life span and if you can extend that life span by reducing impact, inflammation and pain with Synxsole, it’s something worth doing.”

Australian Rugby Union Player, Former Test Captain of the Wallabies and Currently plays in France.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs currently use Synxsole orthotics as part of their orthotic and biomechanics therapy.

Professional Australian Rugby League team based in Sydney winning the Premiership in 2014. Formed in 1908, they are one of the oldest rugby league teams in Australia.

The Wounded Pelicans

As aspiring endurance athletes, we are constantly on our feet especially during mountain trekking, trail marathons, and ultramarathons. Some of these races can range anywhere between 4-24 hours long… We’ve come across multiple times where our feet become absolutely destroyed from the terrain so it’s crucial that we have the correct footwear to prevent this from happening. Synxsole have been a massive help with ensuring our feet have longevity to allow us to keep running and are safe from injury!

The Wounded Pelican have chosen to run for cancer awareness

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