We are an Australian footcare company, established in 2011 by two Australian podiatrists with the purpose of addressing common foot-related complaints and helping customers with healthier, happier and more comfortable lives. We launched our core product, Synxsole on national TV in May 2015 at the same time as securing a deal with Andrew Banks on Shark Tank Australia.

Synxsole is a one-stop insole which aims to align, support and protect the body from the ground up, no matter what the activity. Using our slim and patented technology, Synxsole fits into a wider range of shoes than other insoles on the market.

In early 2018, we expanded our range to include Synxgeli and Synxplus footcare products which help alleviate pain, improve comfort and reduce tissue stress at an affordable price. Our latest product addition is Synxlace, a no tie, no worries, convenient and quick alternative to tying shoelaces.

We continue to apply our professional experience to develop our product range as we identify and respond to customers’ needs.

To provide premium and effective footcare products that assist in treating common ailments and improve comfort for everyone from all walks of life.

We believe in making a positive impact by helping people maintain active, healthy and pain-free lives. We provide many options to support and relieve a variety of foot and lower limb conditions whilst also highlighting the importance of preventative healthcare.

Our feet are the foundation of our body and if they aren’t in sync, then it can result in conditions affecting our knees, ankles, back, hips and neck. Our products not only relieve discomfort from existing foot conditions, the aim is to prevent long term foot and lower limb problems.


To improve and support our customers’ everyday comfort by providing affordable footcare products.

By utilising leading and environmentally sound processes, and applying our professional experience, we will continue to expand our product range to provide our customers with a selection of reliable and supportive footcare solutions.

We are committed to new and improved innovative solutions in footcare to ensure our customers’ lives are enhanced with comfort from the ground up.
We are led by our customers’ outcomes whilst consistently striving for footcare excellence.
We will always provide our customers with the highest quality and sustainable footcare products.
We aim to continuously improve and deliver responsive service to all our customers.
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